List: Adorable Dinosaur Security Blankets

A security blanket, or comfort blanket, is a particular blanket that is associated with infancy or childhood. Children often form an emotional attachment to these items (other items are known as "comfort objects") and find them soothing in unfamiliar or stressful situations. These items serve as a source of comfort and can help children manage anxiety or fear, providing a sense of safety and security.

The term "security blanket" was popularized by the Linus character from the Peanuts comic strip. In the comics, Linus is often seen with his beloved blanket. 

While security blankets are most commonly associated with young children, people of all ages can have objects that serve a similar purpose, providing comfort and a sense of familiarity.

The security blankets featured below are perfect for anyone who loves dinosaurs. They feature attached plush pieces to make simple puppets and offer textures and patterns to aid in comfort.

Snuggly Triceratops Textured Green Security Blanket

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This sweet security blanket features a cute pattern of dinosaurs on one side and a textured plush green surface on the other. At the center is a cute plush triceratops-style head and arms.

Cute Plush Orange Stegosaurus Security Blanket

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This sweet plush security blanket features a stegosaurus theme! A stuffed stegosaurus sits atop an orange blanket that is covered with a repeating pattern of -- you guessed it -- stegosauruses!

T-Rex Snuggler Plush Infant Dinosaur Security Blanket

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This cute green security blanket features a T-Rex style dinosaur at the center. The plush blanket and stuffed toy are perfect for littles who love dinosaurs, especially Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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