Play-Doh Clay Dinosaur Creative Play Sets

These fun playsets from Play-Doh are made for anyone who loves dinosaurs. Making shapes out of pliable dough is a great creative tactile activity for kids. These fun and enriching sets were made with young dinosaur fans in mind!

Rex the Chomper Dinosaur Play-Doh Set

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This fun set includes a miniature play volcano and a dinosaur figure called Rex the Chomper. The dinosaur toy has an articulated jaw that chomps with control of his tail. The included four cans of Play-Doh clay can be used to make "lava" come out of the volcano, enlarge Rex's tongue, and grow scales on his skin. You can also use the included mold to make dinosaur footprints out of clay.

Play-Doh Dinosaur Molding Tools & Clay

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Embellish this fun dinosaur playset with accessories you make out of Play-Doh clay. The set includes five different dinosaur-shaped molding tools that can be used to stamp, slice, and extrude the clay into different shapes. Grow spikes from the Triceratops, stamp dinosaur footprints, and put dinosaur egg patterns on everything!

Dinosaur Pop Up Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent

Kids can have their very own dinosaur adventure inside or outside with this fun dino-themed play tent. The easy to assemble tent has vibrant images of dinosaurs on the outside and inside to inspire creative play and imagination. This play tent for kids is about 51" tall...