Funny Rubber Duckies for Dinosaur Lovers

These adorable dino-duck mashups are perfect bath time toys for young ones (and the young at heart!) who love dinosaurs! There are three funny ducks here -- collect them both or pick out your favorite dino-themed rubber duckie.

These rubber duckies can be used as bath toys, or display pieces, for collectors of either ducks or dinosaur novelties, or both! Duck a Jeep or hide them on your next cruise! The little ducks can also be used in a variety of creative ways -- as cake toppers, party souvenirs, dashboard display pieces, and more.

Red Triceratops Horned Dinosaur / Rubber Duck Hybrid Toy

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Here we have a brand new creature -- a Triceratops-Duck! Perhaps a Triceraduck? Duckatops? Whatever you call this funny mash-up animal, it's undoubtedly a unique being that's a perfect gift idea for fans of either rubber ducks or dinosaurs, or both. 

This red rubber duckie has the typical shape of the common yellow bath toy, but this one has the rough skin you'd expect to find on a dinosaur toy. The duck has white horns, and a large rounded head plate topped with short white bones.

Tyrannosaurus Duck Cute T-Rex Rubber Duckie

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This funny duck/dino hybrid looks pretty fierce! The duck shape is decorated with a striped body and a green head with horns. The creature has typically short front limbs, and solid large back feet. The face is snarling, teeth bared and eyes squinting in anger.

This funny dinosaur rubber duck is part of a larger collection of themed ducks that also includes funny duck mashups with King Tut, dragons, a pirate, and more.

Hilarious Jurassic Park Dr. Ian Malcolm Rubber Duckie

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This special duck has a head of flowing black hair, wears a leather jacket, and poses provocatively. There's no doubt who this duck represents -- it's Dr. Ian Malcolm from the Jurassic Park series of films!

This Ian Malcolm duck is just one in a hilarious set of different Jurassic Park character inspired rubber ducks. You've got to check them all out -- I'll show some of them in thumbnails below.

More Jurassic Park Character Rubber Ducks

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