Dinosaur Advent Calendars! It's Advent Calendar Day!

Using an advent calendar is a fun way to count down to Christmas. It makes the days leading up to the holiday feel more festive, and, of course, when little dinosaur gifts are involved, it brings joy to dinosaur-loving boys and girls of all ages.

The popular use of advent calendars began in Germany in the 19th century. The (German-based, coincidentally) supermarket chain Aldi offers a variety of popular calendars each year, and to mark the release date, Aldi has designated November 3rd to be Advent Calendar Day.

Popular advent calendars offered by Aldi include their wine, cheese, and beer calendars. You'll have to look elsewhere for dinosaur themed calendars, but there are several from which to choose! Continue reading for a great sampling of the dinosaur-themed advent calendars you can buy.

While the sets all include dinosaur toys, they all have different features that make them stand out. These include playmats, crackable eggs, articulated figures, dinosaur skeletons, finger puppets, and more. Maybe one calendar isn't enough for your big dinosaur fan!

1 Dinosaur Advent Calendar with Adventure Play Mat

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This dinosaur advent calendar comes with a large polyester fabric playmat that kids can use to imaginatively play with the dino toys that are revealed each day. The play mat is themed to look like a dinosaur park, with attractions and exhibit areas. The gifts to be revealed behind the doors of the calendar include 20 dinosaur toys, 1 dinosaur egg, and 6 structural pieces for the park (fences and trees).

2 Mixed Size & Style Dinosaur Toys Advent Calendar

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This dinosaur toy advent calendar comes with a great mixed variety of different types and sizes of dino toys for any fan to add to his or her collection. The daily gifts include large dinosaurs, small dinosaurs, dinosaur fossil toys, and even baby dinosaurs coming out of eggs! The life-like figures range in size from 6.3" long down to 2.4" long -- making this set great for variety!

3 Dinosaur Toys Advent Calendar with Eggs & Clay

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This dinosaur advent calendar includes a nice mix of dinosaur types and sizes. There are jumbo dinosaur toys, small dino toys, dinosaur skeletons, and four packets of play clay for making your own dinosaurs or accessories. This set also includes two dinosaur eggs -- whole "eggs" that have to be cracked to reveal a dinosaur inside! It's like a little surprise inside your surprise!

4 Dino Advent Calendar with Articulated Figures & More

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This dinosaur lover advent calendar has a lot of different types of dinosaur toys including, making it a great choice for someone looking for variety. There are jumbo dinosaur toys, articulated dinosaur toys in bold colors, dinosaur fossil figures, plus two types of dinosaur eggs! Yes, you'll get a "fossilized" egg that needs to be excavated, and eggs that have to be "hatched". The big variety of toy types makes this choice full of great surprises for the dinosaur lover.

5 Animal Building Blocks Advent Calendar Including DInosaurs

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This advent calendar has 24 mini building block (like LEGO) sets to build different types of animals, including dinosaurs. There are six mini dinosaur builds, plus six each of jungle creatures, insects, and ocean animals. As an added bonus, you can use the bricks from each family of builds to put together one larger creation. This is a great set for kids who are interested in the animal world, including dinosaurs.

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