Prime Day Dinosaur Toy Deals for Dinosaur Fans!!

There are some really fun dinosaur themed toys on sale for Prime Day this year! Pick up these popular toys for a great deal during Prime Days July 11 - July 12. Here are our favorite deals we found. Remember that Amazon prices can change at any time; prices listed here reflect deals at time of publishing!

Build Dinosaur Toys with Tools Fun STEM Dinosaur Play Set

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This fun set of dinosaur toys comes with a low-speed power drill and the parts to put three fun chunky cute dinosaur figures together. The articulated toys are super fun to play with and your child will love them even more having put them together themselves! This is a great STEM oriented learning playset that encourages manual dexterity as well as imagination and critical thinking! This set usually retails for around $28, but for Prime Day it's just $21.

Fisher-Price Jurassic World T-Rex Action Figure

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This fun playset comes with a big T-Rex dinosaur toy in enclosure. The set includes a figure of Jurassic World character Owen Grady and a blue adventure vehicle. The dino toy has some fun action features like mouth opening and arms lunging! The T-Rex eyes can also light up and dilate! This popular toy has retailed for up to $120 and more recently! Today's Prime Day deal at $65.49 is almost half off!

Set of Colorful Dinosaur Figures in Storage Box

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This is a fun and affordable set of 12 different 7" realistic dinosaur figures. The set comes in a great little storage box with clasp and handle, making it great for dino play on road trips, family visits, and vacations. This affordable set normally retails for up to $25, it's now just $16 for Prime Day.

Transfomers Jurassic Park Mashup T-Rex and Autobot JP93

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This set is a crazy fun mashup toy with two different transforming figures that change their form for extra fun! The T-Rex dinosaur figure transforms into a robot called Tyrannocon Rex, and the accompanying Jurassic Park vehicle transforms into another robot known as Autobot JP93! This popular mashup set has retailed for over $100 in the past, so this is a great time to grab up this deal at just $59.

Dinosaur Road Race Action Track Set

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This is a fun mashup style toy that includes race track pieces, adventure toy vehicles shaped like dinosaur heads, dinosaur toys, and more! The road can have slopes, and a bridge accessory and road signs add to the creative possibilities to create a unique dinosaur chase action sequence! This amazing creative dinosaur playset has over 17K reviews with an average score of 4.6! Always popular and affordable, you can get this set for a deal for Prime Day.

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