Jurassic Park Funny Costume Embroidered Patches

Add these patches to a hat, jacket, or other item of clothing to add Jurassic fun to your wardrobe. These funny costume embroidered patches are inspired by the famous fictional theme park. 

Jurassic Park Ranger Embroidered Patch

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Play park ranger with this fun Jurassic Park Ranger patch. The famous dino silhouette logo is flanked by text around this round embroidered patch that reads "Park Ranger". Use an iron to attach this patch or sew it on.

Isla Nublar Vet Services Embroidered Patch

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Go the veterinary route on Isla Nublar with this fun costume patch. The blue embroidered patch reads "Isla Nublar Veterinary Services" and "Jurassic World" around the outside. A silhouette of the island includes a caduceus medical symbol. Iron or sew on this patch.

Jurassic Park Security Officer Embroidered Patch

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Get a start on your pop culture costume with this Jurassic Park Security Officer patch. This 3" circular logo patch can be ironed on or sewn on. 

Darling Green Dinosaur Costume Swaddle

This super cute imaginary dinosaur outfit for infants is a great costume to wear for Halloween or fun baby photo shoots. The onesie is in the style of a winged, horned dinosaur, complete with plush tail. This cute dinosaur baby outfit includes a bodysuit with tail, separate...