Toddler Dinosaur Costume for Halloween

Jurassic Park Funny Costume Embroidered Patches

Add these patches to a hat, jacket, or other item of clothing to add Jurassic fun to your wardrobe. These funny costume embroidered patches are inspired by the famous fictional theme park. 

Halloween Jackolantern T-Rex Dinosaur Funny Spooky Face T-Shirt

This design features the features of a carved Halloween pumpkin, or jackolantern (Jack o Lantern). The triangle eyes and nose seem ordinary, but there's something prehistorically strange going on with the pumpkin's mouth -- it's a running Tyrannosaurus Rex style dinosaur! This fun dino/pumpkin mashup design for Halloween...

Darling Green Dinosaur Costume Swaddle

This super cute imaginary dinosaur outfit for infants is a great costume to wear for Halloween or fun baby photo shoots. The onesie is in the style of a winged, horned dinosaur, complete with plush tail. This cute dinosaur baby outfit includes a bodysuit with tail, separate...