Dinosaur Action Figures & Sets

Dinosaur Craft: DIY Dino Figure Painting Set

This fun and educational activity for young dinosaur fans encourages creativity. It's a dinosaur painting set of plain white animal figures and accessories along with the art supplies (brushes, mixing pads, and paint) needed to paint them. Get this dinosaur art set for a dinosaur-themed party activity,...

Set of Dinosaur Eggs Fizzy Bath Bombs

Make bath-time extra fun for young dinosaur lovers with this awesome set of six egg-shaped fizzy bath bombs with surprise dinosaur toys inside! Each dinosaur egg comes with a learning card that has dino facts and information, making this educational as well as fun and practical! With this...

FINGOOO 39 Piece Mini Dinosaur Figures,Assorted Vinyl Plastic Dinosaur Toys for Easter Gifts Dino Party Cake Toppers – 39 Pack realistic small dinosaur toys made of great safety non-toxic plastic; Assorted dinosaur figurines measure 2-3 inches,kids will love these cute mini dinosaur toys bulk;... View on Amazon
Mattel Jurassic World Toys Super Colossal Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Action Figure Toy, 3-Ft+ Long with Eating Feature – Jurassic World Dominion comes home with adventure and thrills with this Super Colossal Giganotosaurus that plays a starring role in the movie. Attack playtime with a... View on Amazon
Dinosaur Toys for 3-9 Year Old Boys,Dino Projection Kids Toys for 3-8 Year Olds Boys 2 in 1 Car Toy for 3-10 Year Olds Boys,Christmas Xmax Stocking Stuffers Gifts for 6-10 Year Olds Kids Toddler Toys – 【Creative LED Projector】 The dinosaur toy is made with dinosaur and cars theme,uses realistic triceratops, pterosaurs, and tyrannosaurus to create gorgeous visual effects, which are very... View on Amazon
Schleich Dinosaurs, Large Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls, Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy, Blue, Ages 4+ – DETAILED & REALISTIC. Crafted with precision and authentic detail to create a lifelike toy that teaches and inspires toddlers and kids of every age; helps introduce... View on Amazon
TEMI 3 Pack Electric Walking Dinosaur Toys for Toddlers 2-4 3-5 Years with Roar Sounds and Lights Up, Realistic Robot T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus Dinosaur Figures for Kids – Value for Money – The colorful package includes 3 cute and vivid dinosaurs: tyrannosaurus, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus.; Multi-functional Toy for Kids – Each dinosaur can walk, roar... View on Amazon
OleFun Dinosaur Toys for 3 Years Old & Up - Dinosaur Sound Book & 12 Realistic Looking Dinosaurs Figures Including T-Rex, Triceratops, Utahraptor, for Kids, Boys and Girls – Dinosaur Figures--This sturdy play box includes 12pcs 7'' Animal Dinosaur Toys, which is durable, bright and colorful, stand up perfectly. In hollow design and decent size,... View on Amazon
Mattel Jurassic World Lost World: Jurassic Park Hammond Collection Concavenator Dinosaur Action Figure with Deluxe Articulation 12 inch – Discover the thrills and adventure of the whole Jurassic World Series captured in this line that is named for Jurassic Park's founder and sets a new... View on Amazon
Mattel Jurassic World Dominion Wild Roar Kronosaurus Dinosaur Action Figure Toy with Sound & Attack Action, Plus Downloadable App & Ar , 11 Inch – Jurassic World Dominion Wild Roar figures have ROARING sounds and an ATTACK motion.; Each medium-sized dinosaur toy has an attack motion specific to the species, from... View on Amazon
PREXTEX Dinosaur Figures for Kids 3-5+ (12 Plastic Dinosaurs with Educational Dinosaur Book) Dinosaur Toys Set for Toddlers Learning & Development (Boys & Girls) – ULTIMATE DINOSAUR PLAYSET - Immerse your children in the dinosaur world with 12 unique plastic dinosaur figures (18 cm each). Learn as you play with an... View on Amazon
TEMI 7 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Toys for Kids, Realistic Dinosaurs Figures Set, Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5 5-7, Large Dinosaur Toys for Dinosaur Lovers, Perfect Dinosaur Party Favors, Birthday Gifts – What's Inside - 7 Pieces jumbo dinosaur set includes : Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Mosasaurus and Pterodactyl. let your kids creat a realistic dino... View on Amazon
Lavesom 6PCS Jumbo Dinosaur Toy Set, Realistic Dinosaur Toys for Kids - Large Dino Playset for Boys and Girls 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Children Birthday Dinosaur Lovers – 6pcs huge dinosaur toys include: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus,Pentaceratops, Velociraptor ,Mosasaurus, Pterosaur, the size as the pictures show.; The exquisite dinosaur toy set is suitable for children's... View on Amazon
Jurassic World Dominion Roar Strikers Rajasaurus Dinosaur Action Figure with Roaring Sound and Attack Action, Toy Gift Physical & Digital Play – Jurassic World: Dominion brings new thrills and adventures to dinosaur lovers. At about 13 in long, this Roar Strikers Rajasaurus figure inspired by the movie will... View on Amazon
Jurassic World Massive Biters Tarbosaurus Larger-Species Dinosaur Action Figure, Tail-Activated Strike & Chomping Action – This larger-sized Jurassic World Massive Biters dinosaur action figure features realistic moves and animated movement for total battle play control!; Make the figure come alive by... View on Amazon
Jurassic World Dominion Uncaged Wild Pop Ups Dinosaur Toys, 4 Pack Collectible Figures, Manually Activated – Jurassic World: Dominion comes home with adventure and thrills. These Wild Pop Ups dinosaur figures, inspired by the movie, have been Uncaged to enchant young dinosaur... View on Amazon
SUGFUT 7 Piece Dinosaur Toys for Kids Large Size Plastic Dinosaur Set Dinasour for Boys Realistic Dino Toys Set - Perfect Dinosaur Gifts for Kids – Spark Imagination - Our realistic dinosaur figures captivate your child's imagination, delivering hours of interactive play both indoors and outdoors. Featuring a variety of species in... View on Amazon
Advanced Play Dinosaur Trex Toy Realistic Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex Multifunction RC Trex Toy Figure with Roaring Spraying Function Good Dinosaur Toys for Boys Girls Ages 3 Plus – Dinosaur toys bring the true King world of dinosaurs to life with real movements. Walks, moves arms, ferociously roars, flashes its light-up eyes and shakes it... View on Amazon
2 Sets Electronic Dinosaur Toy,BFUNTOYS Remote Control and Walking Toys for Kids 3 4 5 6 7 8+Years Old Boys Girls with Dance&Fight Mode, Roar&Light,Big Robot T-Rex Gifts Toddler – 2 Dinosaurs Included: The whole package includes a remote controllable dinosaur, and a walking dinosaur(which can not be remote controlled). Kids can have fun with them... View on Amazon
TEMI Dinosaur Truck Toys for Kids 3-5 Years, Tyrannosaurus Transport Car Carrier Truck with 8 Dino Figures, Activity Play Mat, Dinosaur Eggs, Capture Jurassic Dinosaur Play Set for Boys and Girls – Large Dinosaur Transport Truck – The truck is equipped with a simulated T-rex head which makes it look cooler. And the large cage allows it to... View on Amazon
Gzsbaby 6 Piece Jumbo Dinosaur Toys for Kids and Toddlers, Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5, Large Soft Dinosaur Toys for Dinosaur Lovers - Perfect Dinosaur Party Favors, Birthday Gifts – WHAT'S INSIDE: 6 Pcs Jumbo Dinosaur Set includes the following mighty dinosaurs: T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus,Giganotosaurus and Velociraptor Blue . This jumbo dinosaur set includes realistic,... View on Amazon
TEMI Large Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3+ and Toddlers, Jumbo Tyrannosaurus Rex with Mist Spray, Light Up and Roaring Sounds, One Big Hollow T-rex Stored with 4 Hand-Painted Dinosaurs and 6 Mini Dinos – Multi-functional Dinosaur Toy - The big dinosaur has wheels, and children can push it forward. There are three buttons in the head of the dinosaur, which... View on Amazon
AHCo. Electric Walking Dinosaur Toys for Kids - Small Tyrannosaurus Toy with Simulated Flame and Realistic Sounds, Best Gift for 3-5 4-6 5-7 Year Old Boys & Girls – Walking Dinosaur Toy: A lifelike walking T-Rex toy that walks, moves its jaw, wags its tail and sprays flame. With the dinosaur screaming, a light of... View on Amazon
Jurassic World Fierce Force Masiakasaurus Camp Cretaceous Authentic Dinosaur Strike Motion Action Figure, Movable Joints, Gift Fans 3 Years & Older – Get ready for uncontrolled thrills and adventure with Jurassic World Fierce Force dinosaurs!; These dinosaurs have movable joints for pose and play battle fun, and each... View on Amazon
YONGJULE Big Dinosaur Toys for Boys, 29 inch Large Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toys, Giant Soft Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5, Toddler Jumbo Dinosaur Birthday Gifts, Dinosaur Party Favors – Giant Dinosaur: Yongjule dinosaur figures-Giganotosaurus for kids. The approximate size of the dinosaur is 29 inches. The texture is clear, without fading, and has a very... View on Amazon
TEMI Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5, Realistic Jurassic Dinosaurs Figures with Play Mat & Trees to Create a Dino World Includes T-rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Gift for Toddler Boys & Girls 2 3 4 5 6 7 – Jurassic Adventurous - All kids love Jurassic dinosaurs, please give them a chance to explore the dinosaur world by themselves. This is a complete set of... View on Amazon
PLAYBEA Dinosaur Toys - 12 7-Inch Realistic Dinosaurs Figures with Storage Box |Dino Toys for Kids 3-5 5-7 | Toddler Boy Toys – INCLUDES: 12 realistic, colorful dinosaur figures that are durable and made from high-quality material, Metal Storage box; 12 DINOSAUR FIGURES: features Diplodocus, Gallimimus, Allosaurus, Triceratops Prorsus,... View on Amazon
Gzsbaby Super Large Dinosaur Toys 16-26 inch Jumbo Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5, Giant Soft Dinosaurs Play Set Pterodactyl T-Rex Mosasaurus Spinosaurus and 2PCS Hand Puppet, Dinosaur Party Toy Gifts – WHAT'S INSIDE: 16-26 Inches 4 PCS Jumbo Dinosaurs (Pterodactyl, T-Rex, Mosasaurus, Spinosaurus) and 2 PCS Hand Puppets (T-rex and Triceratops),which are realistic, colorful dinosaur figures that... View on Amazon
BOLEY Monster (15-Pack) Large 7" Toy Dinosaurs Set - Enormous Variety of Authentic Type Plastic Dinosaurs - Great as Dinosaur Party Supplies, Birthday Party Favors, and More – WHAT'S INSIDE: Boley's Monster 15-Pack Large 7" Toy Dinosaurs Set includes 15 beautifully crafted, fierce dinosaurs with vibrant colors and rich textures. Your child will have... View on Amazon
3 Bees & Me Fun Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5, 5-7, 8-12 - 12 Large Dino Toy Figures with Storage Box Case - 6 inch Dinosaurs - Dinosaur Toys for Boys, Girls, Toddlers for Imaginative Play – Toy Dinosaurs Boys and Girls Love - Searching for a cool birthday party, Christmas or just because gift for that special girl or boy age 3... View on Amazon
National Geographic Kids Tub of Realistic Dinosaur Toy Figures, Packaging from Recycled Material, Storage Container, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up, Amazon Exclusive – Awards and Recognitions: 2022 Amazon Toy Book.; Each high-quality, realistic sculpted dinosaur figurine features signature National Geographic branding. Figures include Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, T-rex, Velociraptor, Pachycephalosaurus,... View on Amazon
Kiddiworld Dinosaur Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Gifts, Dinosaurs Toys for Kids 3-5-7, Dino Figures Activity Play Mat Christmas Birthday Gifts for Girls Toddler Toys Age 2-4 – 🦖【What You Get】: The dinosaur play set included 8 * realistic dinosaur figures, 8 * mini dinosaur figures, 2 * dinosaur pull back cars, 1 *... View on Amazon