Welcome to Jurassic Stuff, where you can find all things related to dinosaurs! We've compiled gift ideas and unique products featuring these amazing creatures that have inspired so much imagination and curiosity in kids of all ages. The ancient reptiles known as dinosaurs lived between 240 and 65 million years ago, in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.

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Dino-Opoly Fun Family Board Game

Play the familiar game of chance and strategy, but now with dinosaurs! This Dino-opoly game inspired by the classic Monopoly uses dinosaurs for everything! Purchase dinosaurs as you make your way around the board, and learn interesting dino facts as you collect the cards for your new...

Awesome T-Shirt Design: Astronaut Dinosaur in Space!

This fun mashup design features an astronaut in full space suit riding a T-Rex style dinosaur, who also wears a space helmet hooked up to a backpack. The crazy awesome cartoon style image is backed by small drawings of stars and planets, giving the fun design a dynamic...

Fun For Breakfast: Dinosaur Mini Waffle-Maker!

This cute waffle maker is a great addition to a kitchen that serves kids, especially kids who love dinosaurs! This dino-themed waffle maker makes five small dinosaur shaped waffles per cycle. You'll be able to make dinosaurs in the shape of a T-Rex; Pteranodon; Triceratops; Stegosaurus; and...

Steel Plate Triceratops Dinosaur Light Switch Covers

Add dinosaurs to your decor in a subtle and classic way with a metal swtich plate cover that includes the cut out silhouette of a Triceratops! This plate style made for dinosaur lovers comes in a variety of swtich styles and outlet configurations so you can add the...

Set of 4 Inspirational Canvas Dinosaur Frameless Prints

This is a set of four canvas dinosaur typography prints that can be displayed together or separately. Each print includes a motivational phrase or funny saying written in different colors and styles of font. Cute cartoon style dinosaur images are also included.  These canvas dinosaur prints are perfect...

Dinosaur Pop Up Indoor/Outdoor Play Tent

Kids can have their very own dinosaur adventure inside or outside with this fun dino-themed play tent. The easy to assemble tent has vibrant images of dinosaurs on the outside and inside to inspire creative play and imagination. This play tent for kids is about 51" tall...

Featured Fossil Digging Sets

Dinosaur Egg - Jumbo Dino Egg Dig Kit - Dinosaur Toys - 12 Unique Surprise Dinosaurs Excavation Egg Archeology Educational Science STEM Toy, Best Crafts Gift for Boys Girls – 💡【HUGE DINOSAUR EGG】 Jumbo Dinosaur Eggs Toys Set comes with a huge dino egg which contains 12 different colorful dinosaur toys inside,12 illustrated info cards, two... View on Amazon
XXTOYS Dino Egg Dig Kit Dinosaur Eggs Jumbo Dino Egg with 12 Different Dinosaur Toys Dino Egg Kit for Kids with 6 Digging Tools Party Archaeology Paleontology Educational Science Gift for Age 3-5 – XXTOYS GIANT DINO EGG:Our dino egg dig kits come with a big dino eggs, 12 different dinosaur toys inside and allow two chisels, hammers and brushes.... View on Amazon
Jumbo Dino Egg - Unearth 12 Unique Large Surprise Dinosaurs in One Giant Filled Egg - Discover Dinosaur Archaeology Science STEM Crafts Gifts for Boys & Girls… – Dig up 12 dino eggs & discover 12 unique dinosaur models in one jumbo egg: Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from... View on Amazon
ShellKingdom 3D Dinosaur Fossil Egg Digging Kit, Jumbo Unique Dino Eggs and Discover Assorted Dinosaur, Novelty STEM Excavation Toy for Party Favor Easter Egg Science Play – 1. Giant Dino Egg: Our Jumbo diging dinosaur egg set comes with a big dino egg (Size: 7.87x 5.51in )with 12+2 mystery dinosaur toys inside, one... View on Amazon
XXTOYS Dino Egg Dig Kit Dinosaur Eggs 12 Dinosaur Excavation Kits with 12 Unique Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Dig for Kids Easter Party Archaeology Paleontology Educational Science Gift – 🦖 XXTOYS DINO EGG DIG KITS: Our dig kits come with 12 eggs individually wrapped, each with it own chisels and brushes. Use the tool to... View on Amazon
PowerTRC One Dozen Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kits | 12 Digging Dinosaur Science Activity Kits for Kids | Educational STEM Activity Gift for Boys and Girls – Dinosaur Egg Set : Kit comes with 12 dinosaur eggs that you will need to dig using the tools to uncover the unique dinosaur figurine inside.... View on Amazon
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit – Excavate 15 Real Fossils Including Dinosaur Bones & Shark Teeth, Educational Toys, Great Gift for Girls and Boys, an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE Science Kit – DIG UP REAL DINOSAUR FOSSILS – These genuine fossils are millions of years old! Dig for dinosaurs, sharks, brachiopods, mosasaurs, ammonites, and more. This Mega Fossil... View on Amazon
Smithsonian Diggin' Up Dinosaurs T-Rex Plastic Skeleton Set Educational,Fun,Science,Archeological Playset for Kids Age 8 up – Chip away to discover Dinosaur " Fossils"; Assemble an amazing T-Rex Replica; Learn about the Evolution and Extinction of Dinosaurs; S.T.E.M- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; Age 8 and Up. View on Amazon