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Awesome Jurassic World Dinosaur Layered Graphic T-Shirts

The fun t-shirts here feature silhouettes of dinosaurs super-imposed over colorful graphic patterns. The resulting designs are interesting, intricate, and fun!

The Jurassic World dinosaur t-shirt designs featured here are also available on other products, from mugs to hats, stickers to laptop cases, and much more. Check out the product pages to find other swag options!

Blue Velociraptor Dinosaur Graphic T-Shirt

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Blue the velociraptor from Jurassic World is featured with her shaped colored in with prehistoric forest plants and leaves.

Blue Stegosaurus Dinosaur Graphic T-Shirt

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This blue kid's shirt features a silhouette of a stegosaurus filled in with an interesting nighttime scene with a forest background and figures of men.

T-Rex Silhouette Graphic Dino Trainer T-Shirt

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The unmistakable silhouette of a tyrannosaurus rex is filled in with an interesting scene inspired by Jurassic World, with Owen working on calming down a dino friend.

Colorful Apatosaurus Graphic T-Shirt

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A big bold silhouette of the long-necked dinosaur Apatosaurus is filled in with a colorful prehistoric forest scene with leaves and other organic shapes.

Colorful Indoraptor Dinosaur Silhouette Graphic T-Shirt

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On this dinosaur lover t-shirt from Jurassic World, an Indoraptor strikes an action pose in silhouette. The shape is filled in with different colorful graphics, including symbols of DNA, a cityscape, and stripes.

Dramatic T-Rex Toddler Graphic T-Shirt

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This cute toddler t-shirt for little dinosaur fans features a fearsome silhouette of a T-Rex dino. The silhouette shape is filled in with a dramatic scene in red, yellow, and orange.

T-Rex Microfiber Neck Gaiter Face Mask

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