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Fun Dinosaur Print Long Sleeve Tunic for Women

Funny Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Dinosaurs

Mother's Day is coming up on May 9, 2021. Moms who love dinosaurs will enjoy receiving a gift with a dino theme! These dinosaur gift ideas are also fun for moms of kids who are crazy about dinosaurs!

Motherhood is a Walk in the Park Tumbler

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Customize this cute beverage tumbler that spoofs the Jurassic Park logo with a "motherhood" twist! The insulated stainless steel tumbler holds 20oz and keeps mom's drink hot or cold for maximum enjoyment. Customize with mom's name and the name of her kids.

Mommy Strong as a T-Rex Cute Dino Themed T-Shirt

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This bold t-shirt comparing mom to the best traits found in dinosaurs is a perfect gift for a dinosaur-loving kid to give mom on Mother's Day. The shirt uses colorful mixed text styles along with images of dinosaurs, and compares mom to a strong T-Rex, an amazing Spinosaurus, a smart Velociraptor, and a fast as a Struthiommus. 

Funny Mother's Day Dinosaur Joke Card

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This funny comic style Mother's Day card features a T-Rex type dinosaur hawking Flintstones chewable vitamins. In the background, you can see her family members chowing down on Fred and Wilma Flintstone! Oh no! This funny Mother's Day card will make dino-loving moms laugh on their special day.

Don't Mess with Mamasaurus Pun Spoof Wine Tumbler

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This is a cute stainless steel wine tumbler for moms who love dinosaurs, or maybe it's the perfect gift for moms who have kids that are crazy about dinosaurs. The fun spoof logo says Don't Mess with Mamasaurus; You'll Get Jurasskicked! This rose gold wine tumbler comes with a secure-fit lid, steel straw, and straw-cleaner brush.

Dinosaur Mad Libs Fun Family Activity

Funny and Fun T-Rex Shower Head for Kid's Shower

Fun St. Patrick's Day Dinosaur T-Shirts for Adults

Share your love of dinosaurs on the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day with a fun novelty t-shirt. These tops use cute unique mashup designs that combine the special day with dinosaurs.

Leprechaun Dinosaur with Lucky Clover T-Shirt

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A cartoon brontosaurus-type dino wears a leprechaun hat and a bow tie on this darling holiday t-shirt. A lucky four-leaf clover is twisted around dino's tail. Get this in Grass Green as shown or pick Kelly Green. Available in unisex as shown or in cuts for women (youth is available as well).

Happy St. Pat T-Rex Day Graphic T-Shirt

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T-Rex has taken over the holiday! It's not St. Patrick's Day anymore -- it's St. Pat T-Rex Day. Dino Pat is shown here in cute simple style, with a leprechaun hat, and a pot o'gold. Get this in unisex black as shown, or pick from several other colors and styles for women and youth.

Irish Saurus Funny Dinosaur St. Patrick's Day Mashup T-Shirt

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A dinosaur in silhouette holds the national flag of Ireland on this graphic t-shirt. Bold text reads IRISH SAURUS. The entire design has been distressed for a fun vintage look. Get this in unisex as shown or pick cuts for youth or women.

Leprechaun Jockey on Fierce Dinosaur Funny T-Shirt

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This awesome graphic features a shamrock-holding, sunglasses-wearing leprechaun in full costume riding a fierce green dinosaur. The dino stands next to a pot of gold. This graphic tee is available in a wide variety of colors and cuts for men (unisex, shown), women, or kids.