Protect Boo-Boos with Dinosaur Bandages!

Keep minor wounds clean and patch up scratches and other small boo-boos with these fun dinosaur-themed bandages. Dino fans of all ages will wear their war wounds proudly when patched up in big reptile style.

Prehistoric Warrior Dinosaur Bandages from Hug-a-BooBoo

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These fun bandages are illustrated with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in warrior poses! Each animal has its front limbs stretched wide to fit into the bandage shape. The animals, including a T-Rex style dinosaur, a Triceratops type, a Smilodon (saber-toothed tiger), and a Megalodon shark. 

Dinosaur Print Bravery Badges from Welly Bandages

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These cute bandages have a typical oblong shape. They are decorated with repeating patterns inspired by dinosaurs! Find dino teeth, dinosaur footprints, and a pattern inspired by reptilian dino skin on these popular bandages from Welly Bandages.

Super Cute Dino-Sore Bandages from GAMAGO

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This darling 18-pack of bandages has a cute name -- dino-sore bandages -- as well as cute shapes! These bandages, which measure about 1.8" by 1.7", are in the shape of a cute smiling cartoon dinosaur!

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Bandages

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These standard shape bandages feature designs inspired by the animated Jurassic World spin-off, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. Find characters and designs from the show printed on these bandages, which come in a pack of 100 in three assorted sizes.

More Dinosaur-Themed Bandages

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BioSwiss Bandages, Dinosaur Shaped Self Adhesive Bandage, Latex Free Sterile Wound Care, 50 Count – DINOSAUR CARTOON BANDAGES: This 50 piece tin of adorable dinosaur bandages is great for putting a smile on kids' faces while protecting wounds such as cuts,... View on Amazon
Perthlin Kids Adhesive Bandage Bulk Kids Bandages Cartoon Waterproof Bandage Cute Dinosaur Bandage PE Bandages Flexible Fabric for Children Travel Cuts Scrapes Wounds 8 Styles(200 Pieces) – Abundant Quantity: you will get 200 pieces fun bandages in 8 styles, 25 for each; These bandages with lovely patterns and very popular with children; Enough... View on Amazon
Two's Company 44080 Make it Better 30 Pc Dinosaur Pattern Bandages in Gift Box with 3 Patterns, Plastic, 4.25-inch Width – Cover your scrapes and scratches with these rawrsome dinosaur bandages. Three fun dino designs to choose from. Your boo-boo will be gone in go time.; Individually... View on Amazon

Super Cute Simple Dinosaur Phone Stand

This darling silicone dinosaur figure is actually a phone stand, designed to hold your smartphone steady in either the vertical or horizontal position. A stand like this is useful when you want to look at your phone hands-free, and having it be shaped like a dinosaur will...

Fun Dinosaur Wall Sculpture Set: Bustin' Through!

Step into the world of Jurassic wonder with this fun dinosaur wall sculpture set! It looks like a little velociraptor is breaking through the wall! Crafted to perfection, this breathtaking 3-piece set creates a fun illusion of a creature bursting through your wall, evoking a sense of wonder...

Awesome Mini T-Rex Replica Skull Display Dinosaur Artifact Sculpture

Add a touch of the prehistoric to your space with this meticulously crafted miniature T-Rex skull, a striking piece of decor. This dinosaur head sculpture is hand-cast from high-quality solid resin, ensuring durability and longevity. The surface, adorned with an antique finish, showcases convincing colors and intricate...

Awesome Color Transforming Mug for Dinosaur Lovers

This is a fun gift idea for dinosaur lovers who also love their coffee! The mug is heat activated with a different design showing depending on if the mug is full of hot coffee (or other warm beverage) or empty. If you're not yourself until you've had your...