Fun Birthday T-Shirts for Dino-Loving Kids

Kids who are into everything about dinosaurs will love having their own special dinosaur t-shirt to wear on their special day. Find the perfect birthday attire for your dinosaur-obsessed kiddo. There are shirts that specify your child's milestone year and generic birthday shirts. After the birthday celebrations are over, age-dated shirts make a fun souvenir of the time and interest.

Roar! I'm Four Dinosaur Lover Birthday Tee

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This shirt for kids turning four years old includes a pink cartoon dinosaur and it even has little dinosaur horns along the tops of the short sleeves. 

3-Year-Old Birthday Boy 3 Dinosaur T-Shirt

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This cute shirt is perfect for little kids turning three years old! A big blue number 3 is accompanied by three different cartoon dinosaurs.

Birthday Girl Pink Dinosaur T-Shirt

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Celebrate your dinosaur-loving birthday girl's special day with this cute themed t-shirt. A sweet smiling pink cartoon Sauropod-type dinosaur accompanies the milestone sentiment.

Roar! I'm 1 Cute Blue Dinosaur T-Shirt with Spikes

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Similar to the first t-shirt featured, this blue-style dinosaur top is made for kiddos turning one year old. This shirt has blue horns or spikes along the short sleeves.

Aqua Blue Birthday Boy T-Shirt

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The red design featuring an antique style dinosaur image along with bold text reading Birthday Boy really pops against the aqua blue shirt. You can get this same design on tops in light blue or heather green.

Dinosaur Mad Libs Fun Family Activity

Did you ever have fun with Mad Libs? These unique fill-in the blank story games ask players to provide words in several categories, like verbs, adjectives, animals, foods, colors, famous people, and the like. Then these words are placed into a template to make a funny and unique...

Steel Plate Triceratops Dinosaur Light Switch Covers

Add dinosaurs to your decor in a subtle and classic way with a metal swtich plate cover that includes the cut out silhouette of a Triceratops! This plate style made for dinosaur lovers comes in a variety of swtich styles and outlet configurations so you can add the...

Ceramic Dinosaur Ring Jewelry Holder

This is a novelty ring holder made for dinosaur fans. The cute ceramic piece looks like a cartoon-style Brachiosaurus, a very long-necked dinosaur. The figure is white ceramic with golden spots and cute little eyes. The dino has a smile on its face. Use the dinosaur's extremely...

Jurassic World Set of Toy Storage Bins, Trunk, Hamper

Let your favorite dinosaur fan keep his or her toys tidy with this awesome set of dino-themed storage containers. This set comes with two storage cubes, a trunk, and a pop-up style hamper.  Each of these fun toy storage containers has a print themed to Jurassic World,...