Fun Birthday T-Shirts for Dino-Loving Kids

Kids who are into everything about dinosaurs will love having their own special dinosaur t-shirt to wear on their special day. Find the perfect birthday attire for your dinosaur-obsessed kiddo. There are shirts that specify your child's milestone year and generic birthday shirts. After the birthday celebrations are over, age-dated shirts make a fun souvenir of the time and interest.

1 Roar! I'm Four Dinosaur Lover Birthday Tee

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This shirt for kids turning four years old includes a pink cartoon dinosaur and it even has little dinosaur horns along the tops of the short sleeves. 

2 3-Year-Old Birthday Boy 3 Dinosaur T-Shirt

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This cute shirt is perfect for little kids turning three years old! A big blue number 3 is accompanied by three different cartoon dinosaurs.

3 Birthday Girl Pink Dinosaur T-Shirt

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Celebrate your dinosaur-loving birthday girl's special day with this cute themed t-shirt. A sweet smiling pink cartoon Sauropod-type dinosaur accompanies the milestone sentiment.

4 Roar! I'm 1 Cute Blue Dinosaur T-Shirt with Spikes

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Similar to the first t-shirt featured, this blue-style dinosaur top is made for kiddos turning one year old. This shirt has blue horns or spikes along the short sleeves.

Cute Back To School Dinosaur + Monster Truck T-Shirts

This is the perfect t-shirt idea for young students who love both dinosaurs and monster trucks for back to school time! If your child is ready to crush kindergarten or second grade, this is perfect! A T-Rex style dinosaur roars from the back of a monster truck framed...

Cutiesaurus Adorable Triceratops Cute Dinosaur Kid's T-Shirt

This is an extremely cute triceratops dinosaur t-shirt for little dinosaur fans. The stylized cartoon dinosaur is pink, with exaggerated features, and an adorable head tilt. The little dino is captioned cutiesaurus in matching stylized text. This cute purple t-shirt is great for kids who love dinosaurs...

Birthday T-Shirts for Dinosaur-Loving Kids

This is a cute dinosaur lover design for kids who are celebrating a birthday! A cute cartoon dinosaur is framed with festive text that reads BIRTHDAY KIDASAURUS in stylized capital letters. Complementary green and yellow fireworks back the cute cartoon triceratops style dinosaur. The dino wears a festive...